BRITTIMES | SHWETHA NIRANJAN | INDIA | – She wears a crown built from her spine of her inner strength and modesty with sparkling jewels to represent her each and every quality.

She wears a crown built from her spine of her inner strength and modesty with sparkling jewels to represent her each and every quality

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Mrs. India worldwide  2018 , Mrs Worldwide 2019 (Special Queen Ambassador) 
Mrs. India Worldwide  2018 , Mrs Worldwide 2019 (Special Queen Ambassador)


Shwetha is like a flaming fire. She walks a Queen. When her foot touches the floor, muscles tremble and release in rage only to snatch back in complete command like royalty.  She is beyond a Fashionista ; She is a complete package , An inspiration to many  , A determined soul to help women by building confidence and hand holding them. In simple terms She is a Superpower, Gorgeous and Righteous.

It  was for her Poise and dazzling appeal that Shwetha spotted on social media and encouraged by friends and close family to enter a beauty pageant. Little did she knew that she will be on a stride to win the title at Mrs. Karnataka in February of 2018 and represent the state at the  “Mrs India IMP” in December 2018. Crowned as Mrs. India Worldwide and winning the honour of representing the country at the Mrs. Worldwide pageant held in Singapore competing with 37 other countries, She  went on to Win the Prestigious title  “Mrs Worldwide 2019 (Special Queen Ambassador ).

-Aquatic theme depicting mermaid looks . Shwetha looks breath-taking in these Pictures-

Shwetha Exclaims – I  strongly believe that being Mrs India is much more than donning a Sash and a Crown. It about taking a pride in commitment to serve as an ambassador to the nation and presenting yourself at a world stage takes 3D’s (Desire, Discipline, Determination) .

I believe that whatever you do, you must do with passion. If you’re passionate about something, hard work and dedication will automatically follow. I remember right after my baby was born, there was a cultural event and I was invited to walk the ramp. It was on the third day after my delivery and I actually went and did it .”

Speaking to BRITTIMES – Shwetha iterates, “As a professionally trained and experienced Image coach  & Groomer , I have the expertise and understanding and to create the life you imagine and to help you achieve your renewed sense of self.  My goal is to equip you re-imagine your life.  With extensive experience in Grooming & Coaching and a vast history of client success, my individualized positivity approach will guide you to attain any goals that you set for yourself .”

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