Dyson Introduced The World’s First Air Purifier Headphone, No Need For Face Mask

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Dyson is the most prominent name in the vacuum cleaning segment. The company is known for its innovation. This time the company has launched its most unique headphone. The company has launched headphones named Dyson Zone and with this the company has entered the wearable market with Dyson Zone. Regarding the Dyson Zone, the company claims that there will be a good flow of filtered air near the nose and mouth. Let us know about its price and features.

In the Dyson Zone, the company has included a high-performance air purifier filter. The special thing is that it has also taken 6 years to prepare this device. The company will soon make it available for sale in the global market. The Dyson Zone has two motors which are located in the earcup itself. Both these motors deliver clean air to the mouth and nose. It has four air purifier modes which are low, medium, high and auto mode. The company has also claimed that the modes keep changing automatically according to the need.

Dyson Zone has electrostatic filters for air purification which can filter 99 percent. These filters are capable of filtering out everything from dust to bacteria. These filters are specially designed to filter nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and ozone. This device can be monitored by connecting to the app.

According to the company, if you are using Dyson Zone, then you will not need a face mask. It has neodymium drivers. Apart from this, the facility of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is available in it. It also has an audio playback mode.

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