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Endora scented candles. Home decor. Get the tranquil & mesmerizing experience with the little flame.

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A little flame always works in the purification and cleansing of the aura. You get a sophisticated look that delivers what ENDORA does best — creating instant ambiance wherever you place it. These sustainable candles dance, flicker, and sway with the traditional handicraft of India.

The feeling of relaxation and comfort that comes with an  Endora Candle is something you can’t put into words. Our 100% Soy Based Candles, decorated with a special design with a lasting scent.

Explore our calming, approachable, seductive, and sublime designs and fragrances ranging from the hitting traditional English Rose to the exotic middle east oud. Our candles are indispensable to anyone who wants to create a tranquil, mesmerizing, and ever so slightly mind-blowing experience.

Endora Scented Candles

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