HoI Fashion Week LONDON February 2023

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House of iKons Fashion Week London live shows have pulled in over 1,000 people per day in attendance, with private clients, buyers, department stores and boutiques, also in attendance high net worth guests.

Their designers have platformed world wide, and working with celebrities such as Jlo, Katy Perry, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and many more which can be seen on their social media and various press. Designers have also been selected from the shows to be wardrobe design for feature films.

‘Uniting the World of Creativity’ under ONE roof. Highlighting: fashion, beauty, creativity, art, VR and diversity. Overcoming the current global obstacles FASHION CAN’T BE STOPPED, FASHION CAN NEVER BE STOPPED!

The Fashion House has always taken great pride of offering opportunities to all creatives from all backgrounds and all ages from around the world upon their platform. This upcoming season the show continues to celebrate beauty and diversity on their platform of models of all AGES, SHAPE, HEIGHT, BACKGROUNDS from around the WORLD! Setting the STANDARD as market LEADERS not followers! The event will be held at the Leonardo Royal St Pauls London Hotel in the heart of the City of London on Saturday 18th February 2023.

With new and emerging designers, performances and VIRTUAL experiences, HoI Fashion Week London will be continues to bring guests to a whole new EXPERIENCE in fashion.HoI Fashion Week London maintains their position as one of the top 6 brands Innovative Voices in The Fashion World on Wiki Vid. Which is which this platform stands for. Highlighting beauty, creativity from around the world pushing the boundaries that fashion, art and creativity is for everyone regardless of colour, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, size, age and sexual orientation and continues to showcase their creatives and shake the pillars of the fashion industry as the innovative voices of fashion’



Networking & Exhibition Starts  from 12.00pm till 8.00pm:

Exhibition doors open from 12.00pm


  1. Vip 360
  2. Raaj K Asthetics
  3. Love Collection
  4. PamPinay
  5. AveriStar
  6. Fantasma
  8. Park Pharmacy
  9. Zilli Coffee
  10. Nacharee Thai Kitchen
  11. Zaira Christa
  12. InfiniteAloe
  13. Tawa sponsored by Nydia Crick

Fashion Show:

Segment ONE 2.00pm

  1. GRAND OPENING: Love Collection
  2. Adriana Ostrowska
  3. DNB Couture represented by The Fashion Life Tour
  5. Hafanana Swimwear represented by The Fashion Life Tour
  6. DivaBigg

Music Performance: Anya Kay

  1. Jhay Layson
  2. The Fashion Life Tour
  3. Therese Marie Collection
  4. Apple World Collection
  5. Love Collection
  6. Andre Soriano
  7. GRAND FINALE: Yalacity supported by HM The Queen Sirkit of Thailand Department of Agriculture

SOLO SEGMENT – DivaBigg 4.00pm

Premier of Documentary – ‘Fat is Fashion’ & Fashion Show of DivaBigg collection

Fashion Show

Segment TWO 5.00pm

  2. Fantasma
  3. Chavez
  4. Jhay Layson
  5. Maria Mahlmann MM REMIX

Music Performance: Myles Smith

  1. The Fashion Life Tour
  2. CLC Couture
  3. The Fashion Life Tour
  4. Links by Gwen
  5. Adriana Ostrowska

Music Performance: Cooper Phillip

  1. Pam Pinay
  2. Perry Jones represented by The Fashion Life Tour
  3. Zaira Christa
  4. Tawa sponsored by Nydia Crick
  5. GRAND FINALE – Will Franco


Image credits: Mark Gunter, Ram Eagle, Mok Photography, @ch_photoz, Jessica Smith, @mtuck1967, @jalb_films, Mariana London, Andreas Münchbach, Alfred Brandl,


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