India’s 75th Independence anniversary celebrations in UK

India’s 75th Independence anniversary celebrations in UK

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This is India’s 75th anniversary of Independence and it is being celebrated not just in India rather across all her foreign missions to project, highlight and celebrate the occasion.

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign affairs and culture, India, an event was held at the UK parliament on the 22nd April, 22 to celebrate amity, bilateral relations, cultural exchange and felicitate achievements and achievers.

The curators of this mega initiative are Confluence, India. Speaking on the occasion of the event, Confluence’s Chief curator, Dr. Amitabh Srivastav said, “This is the 3rd edition of the event in London. It is a privilege for Confluence, to be recognized by India’s Ministry of External Affairs and Culture, equally by the House of Lords, England as the premier cultural bridge that has become formidable and strong over the last couple of years. We shall keep up the spirit of this partnership”

Lord Raj Loomba, CBE from the House of Lords, England played host to the event and said, “The two nations of UK and India share cultural as two of the most powerful democracies believe that the ties must become stronger and Confluence’s initiative is soft diplomacy in that direction” he said, “it is a privilege to host Confluence and their celebrated heroes and heroines that have been selected through a fair process of thorough screening.”

Amongst those felicitated, Prof Phoebe Koundouri, Ambassador-climate change who logged in virtually said, “I am humbled and encouraged to receive the citation “World Ambassador-Peace and happiness” at this stellar event and this encourages me to keep up the good work in the domain of happiness together with India’s higher-ed regulator, AICTE. Happiness is the purpose of all SDGs.”

Dame Munni Ironi from US, received an award for her service in the social space and she said, “I am here to support the pyramid of humanity. My purpose in life is to help all, judge none and do good”

The felicitation ceremony concluded with a rousing applause by all.





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